Sunday, May 1, 2016


As I go down the river to pray
Lord send down the latter Rain
The world is dying today
There is no more peace but war

Pain and violence on the street
Someone needs to heal the world
We can't excel without your council
We rely on you for our daily bread

Please send hate away
And everything that will make us cry
Hopelessly we are devoted to you Lord
Our faith waiting until the end

Send down the latter rain to heal our fields
Send Your blessings, also send down angels
To open the golden gate that leads to You
We want to forever be close to You

Can I hold Your hand for a while?
We have been too long in the sun
Waiting and praying for comfort
To strengthen the salvation of our land

I pray for freedom for our nation
Every heart broke from the chain
Love and laughter in our soul
Lord, send down the latter rain

All Rights Reserved ©Akan E. Udofia 2016

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