Blog about Art, Poetry and Prose

Blog about Art, Poetry and Prose

Sunday, June 20, 2021



You thought me everything I knew
And lead me to a wonderful life
I have never regretted a day
Your love protects me each day

You are a miracle
Patient and forgivable
You understood I needed time to grow
Despite learning for me was slow

A wise man once said
I do not need a gun to be bold
But express compassion to the world
To save a life Is more precious than


If there is one thing I want to celebrate
Is to appreciate God for having a dad
No amount of wealth in the world
Can measure up the sacrifices you shed

When young and lost in the world
I could hear every word you said
Son be careful lest you want to fall
Proudly, today I can stand up tall

Today, I am successful and happy
My dreams afar I can foresee
You will forever be a part of my life dad
Gave away from your heart selflessly with pride

All Rights reserved © Akan Udofia 2021

Thursday, May 27, 2021


 Dedicated to my lovely sister Ekaete Emmanuel

The beginning of a current year

Comes with hope and expectations

The attainment of our dreams

Transcending over our lives


Today, yours are already manifesting 

Riding beyond the stars

Unending happiness over your life

As we celebrate this day with you

The way you walk and talk

The love you have for the family 

The smiles wore in your heart

Shows how caring you are to all

In the same manner, the star glistens 

You have impacted our world

You are unique just as much as mom

I could never be used to loving you

It is true, each day is differ

Our fortune does rewrite with time

But this does not apply to you

You are forever the same in heart

Maybe I am the only one that's is excited

Composing a birthday poem for you

The proof that the day is sunny and friendly 

It Shows God is also fond of you too

All Rights Reserved © Akan Udofia 2021

Monday, March 15, 2021


Dedicated to Late Mrs. Affiong Udofia
May your gentle soul rest in peace.

I stood by the window
As I watched the sunrise 
Waiting for you to come home
For we all miss you

I find it difficult in my heart
To holdback, the tears shed a fortnight
I still feel your love afresh in my heart
It conserves me when the night is dark

I long to behold you, to clasp your hand
Walk with you every Sunday to church
Also the times we both went to the market
Oh, how I miss the sweet savor of your smile

I can not measure sacrificed made for the family
You always have the best intentions for me
I am sorry for my selfish attitude
Not getting used to a world without you 

The significance of a loving mother
Is priceless, invariably at its face value 
Wish I can turn back the hands of time
Show you how much you have impacted 

My whole life wetin a short while 
I have grown to be an upright man
Kept your words close to my heart
To live the right life

All Rights Reserved © Akan Udofia 2021