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Blog about Art, Poetry and Prose

Thursday, February 18, 2021

Why indecision is common on teams

Great leaders and teams avoid the danger of seeking perfection at the expense of decisiveness.

We don’t like it, complain about it, and know it’s a time-waster, but we still have perfection paralysis in our organizations and on our teams. Many teams struggle with indecision and for me, this falls into overcoming the team dysfunction called fear of conflict.

Conflict is about the productive exchange of diverse ideas and opinions in a focused, efficient, and unfiltered way. Without conflict, we don’t make the best decisions quickly and often we must revisit our decisions. For some over and over again. The ultimate goal of conflict is to arrive at the truth or a decision. Be it making a policy, choosing a vendor, or deciding on a technology – whatever it is that the team is deciding – passionate ideological debate/conflict is necessary to make good decisions.  

I’m not sure which is worse for a team – consensus or certainty - but both should be avoided like the plague. Consensus on team decisions is rare and when we wait for it, the market can change, we don’t need it anymore, and we risk being indecisive. On the other hand, certainty does not exist in business or in life yet so often we are afraid to make the wrong decision, so we wait for more information or data so we can be certain. And when we wait too long, again we are indecisive and often the need or opportunity passes.  

Consensus and being branded indecisive aside, let’s focus on our obsession with certainty. General Patton once said, “A good plan violently executed today is better than a perfect plan executed next week.” In short, he was saying, what we all know deep down inside - a plan is better than no plan at all.  

I’ve seen many teams fail to bring the passionate ideological conflict to closure and commitment because they are waiting for certainty. Teams must be able to unite behind a decision even though there is no certainty that the decision is correct.  Team leaders have the biggest fear of being wrong and when they wait for certainty it looks, smells and walks like indecision.

Great leaders and teams know that a decision is better than no decision and that it is better to make a choice, even one we’re not sure of, and act with boldness. If new information or data comes to light latter - course-correct quickly and move on. It is always better to be wrong and change direction than it is to waffle or wait for 100% certainty. Be more afraid of being indecisive than being certain. 

More important than getting the right answer, it’s often more important to simply have an answer. One that is directionally correct and around which all team members can commit. 

Of course, that’s not to say that leaders should just come up with any answer to important issues without regard to whether they are relatively correct. That would be counterproductive. However, waiting for clear confirmation that a decision is certain is a recipe for mediocrity and almost a guarantee of failure. 

Organizations and teams learn by making decisions, even bad ones. By being decisive, leaders allow themselves to get clear, immediate data from their actions. As a result, they are often able to change course and defeat indecisive competitors who, while happy they did not make a mistake, are too mired in analysis paralysis to come up with a plan. 

Great leaders and teams avoid the danger of seeking perfection at the expense of decisiveness. A decision is better than no decision at all. 

The greatest business decision failure of all time was Coke Classic vs. New Coke. The course corrected quickly, got a lot of free advertising, and the rest is history. 

Steve Fairfield  

Friday, October 23, 2020


We were told youths are the leaders

Meant to build the nation tomorrow 

But outside of the streets

All I envision is sorrow

Abandoned health care, selfish governance

The masses preyed to political ambiguity 

Deemed okay for a child to be homeless 

But screams felony when an election is lost

The economy is starving

She is dying slowly in her sleep

Why can't we curb corruption in our system?

How billions of funds are being looted

Who made you gods over us

Did we not voted you into government to serve us?

You must explain why you are killing the youths

Ripping off the future of the unborn youngsters 

If we are going to put up with a thousand deaths

To air our grievances to the world

We are determined to lay our lives for a sacrifice

This constant injustice must come to a stop

Our mothers should not be afraid to speak

Of our brothers tired of been molested

An exemplary life for everyone is what we expect

Total reform in governance is what we consent

All Rights Reserved © Akan Udofia 2020

Saturday, October 10, 2020


Dedicated to my mom, Late Mrs. Affiong Udofia

I am holding up a load

The burden is weighing in

How can I reach you?

How can I survive this through?

I smile outwardly from a wounded heart 

I missed you every day that passes by

But I do not wish to stop

A mother caring as you do stands priceless

They say memories fade away over time

But this is different

Thinking of you makes me smile always

I would not forget you for eternity

Wish you could hold my hands again 

Bring me to heaven with you, please

Without you, life is not the same

I do not believe love would ever walk away

I miss sitting at you back to the market

I miss the soft words you would say

To cheer me up when am feeling sad

I miss your warm hugs and kisses

The world may have forgotten 

I know you are watching over me from heaven

Tonight, no matter how long it takes

I will wait for you by the window

I hope you will come back home

And stay for a little while 

If God would permit it

I will rather prefer you stay forever

All Rights Reserved © Akan Udofia 2020